Here’s How You Can Earn When Traveling to Pakistan

Rabya / April 2, 2018

So what’s all the fuss about LayAoo?

Layaoo is a one of its kinds platform that connects travelers(flying to Pakistan) with shoppers(in Pakistan) who are always looking for overseas items but don’t have the means to get it back-home. You can now finallyyy earn when traveling to Pakistan

Layaoo travellers flying from all over the world now have an opportunity to earn extra cash off their trip to Pakistan by bringing goods for the shoppers. 

Shoppers in Pakistan finally have an opportunity to get exposure to shop from wherever they like in the whole world at a MUCH reasonable price!

Layaoo Helps You Earn Extra Cash When Traveling to Pakistan

A globetrotter once said “If I was paid to travel, I would quit my job!”, well Layaoo is that genie that pays you to travel to Pakistan, not maybe enough to quit your job but enough to recoup the money for your travel ticket, hotel stays or shopping! Some things do sound too good to be true but this news is surely very very true!

Infact one of our recent most traveler, Ashar, made around Rs. 85,000 ($733) simply by bringing back items for our Shoppers.






Most of the orders requested by shoppers can be purchased from online stores like Amazon, Nike, Sephora, Disney, Apple, etc. Upon delivery, all you need to do is to put them in the luggage and fly to Pakistan! LayAoo team then collects items from your doorstep across Pakistan, or you can drop them off at our Karachi Collection centre.

Still sceptical? Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions;

  1. What is the guarantee that I will be paid and what if the shoppers cancel their order after I have purchased it?
    Once you and the shopper have finalised and agreed on the price, LayAoo will collect the full payment(including your reward/incentive) from the Shopper. Upon receiving the funds in our account, we will notify you via email & text message. You can then purchase the items. At this stage, the shoppers can not cancel their orders and paying you WILL be LayAoo’s responsibility.
  2. Once I reach Pakistan, how do I get the items to shoppers?
    You can either drop it off at our collection point in Karachi, or we can get it picked up from your doorstep. After all, your convenience is our top most priority.
  3. Are there any items I should NOT bring?
    You can carry anything to Pakistan as long as it doesn’t go against the law of Pakistan. As such, products like Alcohol, Pork and contraband items are NOT allowed. Items like; food, drinks, beauty products, clothing, accessories are allowed.
  4. How much incentive/reward can I charge for products?
    There is no set requirement or restriction by LayAoo because we want you and the shopper to be able to set the price that you both are comfortable with. Said that, we advise to charge between 15%-20% of the product cost as your incentive/reward. This is usually accepted by both parties, but you are free to ask for more(or less) if the requested item is too big, heavy or expensive. You can also get in touch with our awesome customer service team if you need further help with this.
  5. What if I need to ask shopper some followup questions about their orders?
    Sure, we actually encourage that! Once you send an offer to a shopper, a secure chat will be initiated between you and the shopper. You both can exchange details about the product, negotiate prices and finalise the deal.
    Please do not share your personal contact details such as email, phone number or social media profiles.
  6. How (and when) do I get paid?
    We will release the funds within 48 hours after receiving the products from you. The 48 hours is only because we have to inspect and confirm that the product is what was ordered and genuine. To speed things up, we encourage you to carry the original receipts with you. Receipts can be either digital or printed copies.
  7. Do I have to to pay to be a traveler?
    Absolutely not. We charge Shoppers a service fee of 7%, there is no charge for travelers fulfilling requests!
    If you still have any more queries, click on   to send us a quick whatsapp message.

    Here’s how you can Post a Trip and Send Offer(s) in few simple steps:

    Step 1. Post a Trip

Step 2. You will be notified(via text & email) about all new orders. You can also browse existing orders

Step 3. Choose the item(s) you want to send an offer for

Step 4. Click on “Offer to help”

Step 5. Send your offer

and you’re done!

Now sit back, while we get orders for you! You will be notified via email & text(sms) message every time a shopper accepts an offer or pays for the item.







So… if you are an avid traveller flying in and out of Pakistan, “Register” yourself as a Layaoo Traveler and lure yourself into bottomless opportunities to earn extra cash on your trip to Pakistan.

After you are registered as a Layaoo Traveler, you can browse to see which shoppers’ products requests match with your travel plans and make the shoppers an “offer” to bring a product. As long as you have enough space and means to bring it safely to Pakistan.

Once you complete the purchasing and bring the product the product to Pakistan, you receive the full amount by LayAoo either via cash or cheque for the products you purchased, plus your delivery incentive.

As far as there’s enough space in your luggage, it’s a win – win situation for everybody! The shopper gets their desired product and you earn some extra cash off your travel.. A truly revolutionary experience!

Are you ready to get paid for travelling?  Post your trip now!

Any further queries? Have a look at our FAQs.

–  Rabya


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