LAYAAO – Revolutionizing overseas’ online shopping experience for Pakistan shoppers!

Rabya / March 24, 2018

Online shopping is the new trend, and it’s quickly gaining popularity in Pakistan. With the widespread availability of smartphones and abundance of local online stores, lives of online shoppers are becoming easier by the day.

Despite that, many shoppers still feel helpless while searching for their favorite cosmetic brand, electronic gadget or fashion accessory; either because the variety offered by the local stores is limited or they charge abnormally high prices. Moreover, they have to be on a constant look-out for unoriginal, pirated products which only adds to their problems when shopping for overseas products.

The only plausible solution Pakistanis resort to, for safe and reliable shopping of overseas products, is to ask their foreign relatives/friends to bring in products with them ‘whenever’ they come to Pakistan. Imagine placing an order on an online shopping site and seeing ‘indefinite period’ flash as the delivery time! This is exactly what a Pakistani ‘whenever’ feels like. Additionally, not all online shoppers have foreign relatives/friends who can bring them their desired products regularly.

LayAoo is a unique startup that primarily aims to help online shoppers get their desired, overseas products in minimal prices. The startup connects trusted Pakistani travellers with local customers and gives both parties freedom to negotiate their own prices. There have been many attempts to aid online shoppers in the past, where certain people purchased overseas products through their relatives beforehand and sold them in Pakistan, but the problems of limited variety and exorbitant prices still lingered. LayAoo is the first of its kind which offers customers virtually an unlimited variety of products brought in from every corner of the world.

The service allows the customers to post their product specifications on an online portal, which connects them to all the travellers journeying to the country the customer wants the product from and then both parties are free to negotiate prices. This enables the customers to get exactly what they want without worrying about paying ridiculous shipping charges or import duties. The startup even offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the product is not according to the customer’s specification which eliminates any doubt about the service’s authenticity.

LayAoo recognizes the security risks associated with online shopping hence, it enables users to remain completely anonymous while placing orders and they can collect their product from one of the regional outlets of LayAoo, once it has been delivered by the traveller. The service has absolutely zero hidden charges: 7% of the purchase price and Rs. 300 for banking charges is what the company collects as commission.

So the next time you want to buy Kylie’s Matte Lip Kits, an iPhone X, Ralph Lauren Polo, Miss Selfridges Tank top or any product unavailable locally, instead of waiting for your foreign relatives’ next trip to Pakistan (by which time the sale would probably have expired), head over to and get your product delivered to your doorstep swiftly, in minimal prices and exactly according to your requirements.

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